The Complete PBX Phone System Solution For Your Business

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone system connects the people within your office and across different office locations so that they can make long-distance calls without incurring long-distance charges! For example, if your offices are located in different US states, your staff can make multiple inter-state long-distance calls without incurring any long-distance charges. PBX phone systems can also handle call routing intelligently. For example, if you own a medical practice and your patients call in, they can hear different greetings based on the time of day (i.e. regular work hours vs weekend or holidays). The system can also automatically transfer calls to an answering service of your choice during the off-hours of your business. These are only a few examples of all the features that a PBX phone system can provide for you! Get in touch with us today for a free personalized consultation to discuss your needs.

Need a sophisticated phone system for your business?

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We’ll help you set up a fully functional PBX system to handle incoming calls, streamline your workflow, and save you time!

As your customers call you, they’ll be received by your new PBX system where they’ll immediately be greeted by a digital receptionist. Based on your requirements, calls can then be routed to different departments or people depending on how you want to handle them.

This will free you and your employees from having to handle trivial phone tasks during the day, such as a customer call to find the address or fax number of your business. (The PBX system can give this information to the caller without any intervention from you!)

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