PBX Systems

We build PBX phone systems for your business. Give us a try and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied.

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Website Development

We can help build a website for your business. Let us know if you want to build a new website or modernize your existing website.

IT Consulting

We can also help you with any IT (Information Technology) related needs. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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Below are some common questions and answers…

In short this service is called VoIP (Voice over IP) which runs through the internet. Due to this flexibility you can take phone with you when you visit a friend’s house. Your phone will still work.

No, we are not. We help our customers with PBX systems. We do, however, know couple of reliable phone companies. If needed, we can help transfer your phone number.

No. With PBX system your business people can talk to each other for free regardless of their location. In other words they can be sitting next to each other or in different states.

Yes, you can. Please contact us for a demo.

Most likely yes. Let us know your phone number and we will check and see if you can keep your number.