PBX Features

Here are some cool features of PBX system...

Calling Queues: The concept of calling queue is similar to people standing in check out line at a store. Incoming calls also enter a queue in a similar fashion.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR): An IVR is essentially menu options played to the caller. An example would be press 1 for appointment, press 2 for billing.

Conference Bridge: A conference can be used where multiple people can dial one phone number and after entering a PIN code they can talk to each other.

Ring Groups: A ring group allows multiple phones (called extensions) to ring simultaneously.

Music on Hold: As the name suggest a music will be played when a person is put on hold.

Announcements: An announcement can be used to play a message to the caller. A good example of announcement is to play office address and / or fax number.

Time based greetings: A greeting (or message) to the caller could be different based on the day and time. For example, Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm a message can be played where the caller can be connected to a person in the office. However, after 5 pm all incoming calls can be transferred to the answering service.

Three-Way Calling Support: Three people can talk to each other on one phone.

Voicemail and voicemail to email: A caller can leave a message for an extension. This message can then be sent to an email as an attachment.

Caller ID Support: System can display the number and name of the incoming call.

Call Transfer: A call can be transferred to another internal extension or external number.

Do Not Disturb: This feature can be used when a person don’t want to be disturbed. An example could be during lunch or during an important meeting. When this feature is activated on an extension all calls to that extension will be diverted to the voicemail.

Call History/Call Detail Records: A call history can be extracted to see who dialed which number and for how long the call was active.

Snow or weather emergency: During snow or weather emergency, time based greetings can be switched by activating a feature code. For example, message during closed business can be played during normal business hour by activating this feature.

Above is a brief list of features. There are more features available. Give us a call to discuss your needs.